Mountain Experiment

My current goal is to generate mountain ranges that are interesting and do not always end up in the middle of the land mass which seems to happen in many world generators I have seen. The mountains in the center of the land mass works nicely for islands but does not make much sense for continents. The results of this first experiment are not very good but I will describe the process anyways.
  • Generate a voronoi diagram (A) based off of 32 randomly selected points.
  • Make the voronoi diagram (A) "noisy".
  • Select all points that are on the border of a segment.
  • Use the selected points to create another voronoi diagram (B) based where each cell has a value equal to the distance to the nearest border point.
  • Generate 2 FBM noise patterns (C) and (D).
  • Process voronoi diagram (B) as follows: add 1 to every value, exponentiate every value by 0.3, add (C), invert, normalize, max of (B) and 0.25, multiply by (D).
  • Use the process in the previous post to generate a continent mask (E).
  • Add (B) and (E) then multiply by (E)

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  1. f4113nb34st says:

    Note to all fellow coders trying to implement this:

    to make the voronoi diagram “noisy”, generate two fbm’s (max = 1, min = -1) multiply them by ~15 (that’s what worked for a 512 image) and use one as the x offset and the other as the y offset

    for step 6, make sure your voronoi diagram from step 4 is not normalized, or it will throw off the algorithm!

    cheers and good luck

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