I finally managed to play with the rain shadow and combining it with some noise maps enough to be (somewhat) happy with the rainfall maps that it is generating. I ended up rewriting the the temperature, wind direction, and rain fall map generators to all use the same abstract base class which generates a series of horizontal bands into a gradient. The base class then calls an abstract method to allow different noise implementations to be applied to the gradient. The method used is still the same as explained in the post for the wind direction map it is just more flexible now. The rain fall generator works in the same way as the wind direction generator. In this case different bands are defined to create dry and wet bands which are then distorted by a noise map. The result is then biased by the rain shadow map to make it dryer in areas of rain shadow. Here are some of the results: Legend
  • Grey = Arid
  • Dark Red = Semi-Arid
  • Yellow = Moderate
  • Light Green = Semi-Wet
  • Dark Green = Wet
I managed to speed up the rain shadow generation but it is still pretty slow. I am going to leave it for now since I have run out of ideas to make it faster for now. Next up is biomes.

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