Tiled & New Features

Over the last couple days I got around to writing an encoder for my world generator to write files for Tiled. This gives a lot more detailed view of what the world looks like compared to the bitmaps i had been using previously. I created a pretty basic tile set which is similar to the one used by dwarf fortress for the overland map. I hope to find/make more attractive tiles at some point. If you download these two files the .tmx file can be loaded and viewed in Tiled: Tiled .tmx file Tile set. If you don't have Tiled: Warning ! Big Image (5.73 MB 16384x16384 Pixels) Rendered Image I have also been adding the ability to place special features on the map based on different criteria. Some of these are already in the map above:
  • Glaciers : Placed in mountain regions where there is a river source.
  • Swamp/Marsh: Placed along rivers in all biomes that have vegetation. Swamps for forest biomes, marshes for grasslands biomes.
  • Flood Plain: Placed where rivers empty to the ocean for grasslands and desert biomes.
The next steps are to add more features to make the map more interesting. Some of these features include Plateau, Valley, Oasis, Volcano, Waterfall, Pond, Peak, Dry Lake, Frozen Lake. After I run out of land form features to add I will start working on placing civilizations. Not sure yet if I want to just place them in patterns that are reasonable or evolve them over time to build a history as well.


  1. Jotaf says:

    Great work thus far, these posts are always full of awesome insights! Reversing the starting point for the rain shadow algorithm was genius 🙂

    I’d like to see the result in Tiled, but for some reason Firefox 3.6 can’t display that PNG (says it contains errors). I’ll probably download Tiled to check it out though 😛

  2. md says:

    Thank you for the feedback. I tried the PNG in Firefox 3.6.3 and Chrome and did not have any errors. I tried encoding it as a GIF but it ends up being ~13 MB so I didn’t bother to upload that.

  3. Sammual says:

    Do you still have a copy of http://dungeonleague.com/downloads/01.png someplace? I would like to take a look at it.

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