Outlined Continents

Been working on converting more of the code to work on a sphere. Managed to get the code to outline edges and identify islands converted. Started porting the start of the drainage basin generation code but haven't gotten too far yet. Also made some improvements to the viewer. The viewer now renders as points until zoomed in close enough to bother with rendering as polygons. This fixed the frame rates I was getting which were in the 9-14 range, now it ranges from 30 - 100 depending on how much is on the screen. The frame rate is still pretty bad but it is good enough for development purposes and I can focus on the world generation algorithms for now. Planning to continue working on the drainage basin stuff. Here are some shaded samples with the edges outlined. The elevation in these images is just leftover from the continent mask step, it will be replaced in the end by the elevation generated by the drainage basins and rivers. Outlined Continents:


  1. Federico Tomassetti says:

    I hope you will share your code soon. It would be amazing to invest some spear time on it during the summer

  2. Morgan W says:

    Been following for quite some time, keep up the good work!

  3. Sammual says:

    Any news or progress? I am very interested in your map gen process and need something interesting to read while on CCs at work!

  4. Ambro says:

    Hey, I just found your blog and your work. Simply put, it’s amazing and is exactly what I wanted to do for a long time. Too bat I’m absolutely crap at programming 😉

    I hope you’ll share the code or the program soon.

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